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Arms Out Just Dance

8 April 1987
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This should be updated. And so should my interests. This LJ needs work.
absolutely fabulous, ai yazawa, anglican communion, apple, autumn, bagels, banana republic, bl, books, british humor, cabaret, camp, chrono cross, come undone, comedies, cooking, dangerous muse, democratic party, democratic socialism, desperate housewives, dessert, dolce & gabbana, draco/harry, emotional expression, espresso, eurobeat, europe, express denim, eyeliner, facials, fashion, fashion magazines, fashion shows, fiction, footballers wive$, foreign movies, france, gay, glam, god, hair dye, haircuts, harry potter, ibook, ibzia, international business, ipod, iro, italian cuisine, italy, j.k. rowling, japan, japanese language, jeans, jeremie elkaim, judy and mary, kairi, kill hannah, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, koge donbo, lain, latter days, leather flip flops, liberalism, limewire, lj icons, m.i.a., mac, madonna, manga, manwha, meditation, memorial address, mercedes kompressor, mgs:3, mtrlb, mtrlg, music, nana, one piece, organic food, organization xiii, para para, paris, parodies, peircings, perrier, petshop of horrors, photoshop, pita-ten, playstation 2, pocky, politcs, purikura, religion, riku, roxas, scanlations, snow patrol, sora, soviet art, spas, spring, squeenix, subaru outback, summer, sunglasses, techno, the postal service, theology, tla releasing, tommy february6, tori amos, touya/yuki, trance, united colors of benetton, vagrant story, vman, volkswagon, web design, webcam, wicker park soundtrack, winter, yossi and jagger, you'll get over it, yuki, yves st laurant, zoro