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Take me anywhere

Umm...officially Labor Day. Let the Laboring begin haha (4 sections of math, 50 French vocab words, and organization of notebooks for classes). I do have Hebrew Nation hotdogs for chili dogs though :D

I also bought a tie to go with my purple shirt that I wore Saturday for Whitney's 18th :D We had a good dinner at P.F. Chang's. Me lovey the moo shu chicken haha And the spring rolls. I could get so fat on spring rolls :9

I bought Hellogoodbye's latest CD which isn't too bad.

I also made a dominatrix shirt :D I <3 it.

I also rediscoverd my love for Lost in Translation by watching it the other day when it was rainy out. It was delightful. I should have made some tea now that I think of it. Oh well.


Haha :D

Dr. Williard: And then the two atoms (which sounded like Adams) join together...
Me in a sideways to Amanda: Hrmm...sounds kinky >D

I sat through the most boring biology lecture today. Why was it boring? I knew it all BUWAHAHAHA But it was all a basic biology 1010 review...I hope we move on to different things (it's sort of not looking that way right now) because otherwise biology 1020 would just be a waste of time.

English was...interesting. It turned into a philosophy class that left my head spinning. Well not spinning because I didn't understand, just there were a lot of things to ponder. I'm getting a dose of English + Philosophy. I'm looking forward trying to take Intro to Philosophy ASAP.

And organic frozen bistro pizzas are really good :9


I bought Senses Working Overtime from Starbucks <.< >.> It's decent. I will probably enjoy it more when I'm not half asleep.

There was a point to this post...that I just remembered. I want to sell revolution Wiiiii >D Lame pun. Anyway, UrbanOutfitters has a "Revolution Fidel" hat. It's $34 :D Much cheaper than the Soviet Soldiers Field hat I wanted that was $99. (I still desperately desire that hat though. It could be used so well in winter :D)

Also I now have my own slogan: The Ryan Goes Straight to your Head. Courtesy of http://www.thesurrealist.co.uk/slogan.cgi

I'm hungry :( And I feel creative suddenly o_O Ugh.


I <3 Me

Yay more being able to make ANY school day busy when it probably shouldn't be. But oh well. I will get myself back into shape this way :D My body was so bleh from all the time I was in the hospital that a mere 7 minute walk across campus makes me sweat and feel like I've been doing cardio for a good 30 minutes ¬¬ I want this remedied!!

I have to go back and get my biology and math book from home tonight +50 million other things are going to take all night to do. And I still have to decide if I am going to Knoxville in the morning or the evening tomorrow. I need to do some shopping and I thought I could do it before class but if I go in the evening I wouldn't be pressed for time (and some Oak Ridgeians might be wondering around as well XD). Not being pressed for time sounds reeeeeally nice right now too. Evening methinks it is!

Whoo Brit Lit in 40 minutes and I am DONE :D

And Abbey is in my biology class *dance dance*


Time to say Gooooooodbye

Well it all starts back tomorrow. I have French at 12:20 and the day ends by 5:00 I think. If I remember correctly.

I had my interview today. I think it went okay. It went about how my interview at Gridges did and I got the job at Gridges so hopefully I will get this job. Cookeville is crap when it comes to getting a job. I hate it -.-

I downloaded Tatu and Rammstein singing Moskau. I hate Rammstein. The Tatu parts are okay but the Rammstein ones makes me want to tear my ears off the sides of my head.



European movies hate me :(

So I rented this East German film called Coming Out and it has followed in the line of all the recent French movies I've rented: no resolution :'( I cry at the death of resolution. I don't mind no resolution in small amounts, but like the last 3 or 4 movies I have rented have ended like this. It's sad. And HAH! A review of the movie says: "In classic depressing German cinema ending...." Bah.

I bought all my books today for classes which begin MONDAY! One of the English teachers at TTU is teaching Murakami's novel Kafka on the Shore. I must find him/her and tell them what a good person they are >D

I also went to my first goth club courtesy of Sijtske and Anna. It was called Temple so I got my hopes up that there would be Jews >DDDD ("Ahhh, I smell money and hummus!") There was erotic electrocution though. Well theoretically erotic. Ahhh fetishes.

I also wish I could drive like Sijtske :( I constantly felt like I was either racing or had pulled a bank heist >D

And now I need to iron a shirt so I will have it to wear to my interview tomorrow and then sleep. SWEET SLEEP :D


I'm smert -.-

Note to self: Two cups of caffeinated tea before bed is not a good idea. Went to bed too late and got up too early :(

And it's all rainy here today. Another curl up on the couch and read while Lost in Translation plays in the background :D

And I've run out of stuff to keep me occupied while typing. Must find something else to amuse myself with.


Is is just me?

À Toute VitesseCollapse )

We used the coffee pot today. Emily's mom showed me how to use the coffee grinder she gave us as well and it created this wonderful nostalgic aroma :D Then I had a delicious cup of coffee. It just satisfies me in an indescribable (I think I butchered that spelling) way. I used the coffee maker to make tea tonight as well >D Orange spice black tea with a teaspoon and a half of sugar :9

I also realized how much I suck at reading anything academic written in English and it is one of my new mini goals to overcome this. After that I will work on overcoming reading academic texts in French! But for now, anyone have any suggestions or strategies for reading "high thinking" articles, papers, etc? Basically I'm having my brain racked slightly from reading various things concerning philosophy. Speaking of which, I think I am going to say to hell with getting out of college in four years so I can take a few philosophy and political science classes.

I also found an album of nothing but Here Comes the Rain Again remixes that me thinks I must have >D


Valentino :D

I had a weird dream this morning. It involved my father being killed in Iraq and this weird government program where if the deceased knew someone in the living world they could come back to life for a month fully functional and normal but then when that month expired they died again. He came back to life and we went out to dinner and I kept trying to not get upset by everything.

I bought the September issue of Vogue today. 754 pages and Kirsten Dunst on the cover as Marie Antoinette with articles on Marie Antoinette (stuff I mostly knew already) and on how Mari Antoinette was an influencial fashion icon during her reign. There's also a Vogue Men's now *gasp* I wasn't aware that an American one had come out. I still want my Vogue Uomo though. However, I want to pick up the American one just to see if it's any good. I'm not very trusting of American Men's magazines when it comes to advising on anything that I find interest in.

I have a new ring tone. Depeche Mode's Pecious :D It makes me not want to answer the phone so I can listen to it haha

<td align="center"> Ryan --

A person who is a master of making ravioli

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

I do like to cook :/

Well I'm off to watch another French movie that most likely has no resolution XD



I didn't get up in time to go to Knoxville XD No tax free clothing for me because I'm too busy Saturday and Sunday :( I went to bed at 6 and had to be up by 6:45...it didn't happen XD So I happily went back to sleep and got up at 12 :D Ahh sleep

...I've also lost my toothbrush. How? I don't know. I brushed my teeth with it yesterday morning and now, it is gone.

I also feel bad that everytime they say The Revolution on the History Channel, I'm like FRAANCE...and then realize wrong revolution. They're talking about the American one hehe


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