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Just testing out the LJ app for iPhone. I loooooove shiny things haha

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I'm sick...again...as in taking Theraflu and Jack Daniels and sleeping an endless amount...just like last time. Plus the sinuses, they've exploded. It's horrible. I am so pissed at my body.

In good news, I bought Tetley tea today. It's a French tea that they use in Paradise Kiss </dork>. I need to jack my tea infuser from home so I can make myself some.


I <3 NY

Emily and I watched I Love New York tonight. Never was a train wreck so delightful. The official I Love New York premiere party isn't until Abby gets back from BFE Mississippi.

I also learned of the new Hana-Kimi Taiwanese drama via joyeuxnoel today. I've been attempting to get it off bitorrent, but my bitorrent is going reeeeeally slow -.- I still do not have episode 1.

Tomorrow I have an interview with Blockbuster. I'm hoping it goes well. And I also called Vanderbilt today and found out they can make my ISIC card, so I'm going to try and make a trip down there Wednesday, somehow find the Department of Foreign Students, and hopefully get my ISIC card made :D

Listening to Radio Québec (I know, for shaaame!) I heard this song called Pâte Filo. I thought the lyrics were funny:
I covered my heart with filo dough (lit translation. Pâte filo may have some slang meaning I'm not aware of) which protects me from you and your libido.

And sheesh I'm sleepy and it's not even 1 a.m.



It's snowing!!!! I never thought I'd get to see snow this year until like February or April because our weather patterns have been so weird. But snooooow!



Methinks I've rented another lemon from Netflix AUUUGH. I'm going to see it through because I'm a trooper though haha Oh, the acting, the acting huuuurts.

Oct. 2nd, 2006

Oh Facebook, why do you torment me so? *sob* Whitney, you will get to hear all about it in the podcast :( XDDD

Message from RuPaul

You better work on that French! I need to find Whitney's CD so I will have some motivation music. Only 12 more sentences to translate!


The Scissor Sisters are having a concert in Nashville October 17!!!!!!! And October 10 for all you in Toronto *pokes protegemoi_


...It finally happened

Me trying to translate the sentence "Why don't you eat with us" into Japanese came out as bokutachi ni mangemasen ka.....manger being the French word for "to eat."


Psalm 23 for a Jewish Princess

*clears throat*

The Lord is my shepard, I shall not want.
He leadeth me to Neiman Marcus.
He giveth me energy for shopping.
He restoreth my checkbook.
He teacheth me to make restaurant reservations.
He leadeth me past many discount stores for mine own sake
Yea, though I walk on by
I shall not go in, for Thou art with me.
Thy fashionable clothes, they comfort me.
Thou preparest diamond jewelry for me
in the presence of mine enemies.
Thou anointest my face with Chanel cosmetics.
My cup overflows.
Surely designer clothes shall follow me to the end of my days.
And I will walk on Rodeo Drive forever.



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